Date : 19 / Apr / 2016
Time : 6:00 PM
Address : 2101 N Oak St Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Tel : 843-918-1225
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Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579


In a world where conformity is king and following the crowd is practically a survival instinct, the women of HighRoad, an award winning acoustic gospel group from Nashville led by Sarah Davison, have always preferred the road less traveled.

Finding origins at Belmont University’s prestigious School of Music, the group was founded in 2010 after a three hour jam session in a basement with friends. Now approaching 2016, the group has been awarded as the 2015 AGM Female Group of the Year and worked with Grammy Award winning producers, Ben Isaacs and Mark Capps. They have been featured at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Silver Dollar City, Singing in the Sun, The Gatlinburg Gathering, and have lead the worship music at the Tennessee Baptist Convention, Women of Faith Conferences, and the Alaska Baptist Convention.

With instrumentation on piano, fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and upright bass, the girls have a feel for being “down home.” “We strive to be real in our music and in our daily walk with Christ,” Sarah says. “We share stories at our concerts that are close to our hearts. That’s the way we have always wanted to approach our entire music outreach and do things a little differently.”

Sarah Davison, who leads the group, grew up in on a family farm in Southwest Iowa playing gospel, ragtime piano, and country music with her dad who leads Cowboy Church in their home area. Sarah moved to Nashville to study Commercial Piano Performance at Belmont University after high school and resides in central Tennessee along with the other members in the group. Made up of individuals from several different states, it is evident that God brought them all to Nashville to use them to further His kingdom through HighRoad’s music ministry.

One of the group’s most requested songs called “High Road” includes the lyrics; “oh the high road, it might get lonely, but it’s the only way to go”. Hoping to encourage listeners to join them on the narrow path, the music of HighRoad highlights how we are all designed to serve Him and that our lives are actually maximized when we are following the unique plan He has in mind.

In addition to featuring many new songs that underscore this message, their 2014 project titled Angel at the Crossroads features Mr. Bill Gaither on a stunning accapella arrangement of When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart. This standard is a great representation of their love for those good old Gospel tunes and their desire to keep them alive in fresh ways for today’s worship. This project also includes the Top 40 single, Angel at the Crossroads, as well as the original, Don’t Weep for Me released in the spring of 2015.

The group has written several originals and arranged every song they perform or record. HighRoad isn’t just another group of talented musicians who play songs that are close to their hearts. Instead, they consider it an incredible blessing to provide listeners with the message of hope found in the Gospel and pledge never to forget their down home country roots in the process.

Now, can we get an amen for that?